Dr Kenneth Kaunda


About Us

The Dr Kenneth Kaunda District consists of three local municipalities namely: - Matlosana NW 405, Tlokwe – Ventersdorp and Maquassi Hills, the background analyses are based upon demarcation of 2015 when Tlokwe and Ventersdorp were amalgamated.

The district chess association service players from this areas.


Our Exco Team

Delani Herbst

Delani Herbst

Position President

Phone 0713547457

Email president@dkkchess.co.za OR drkennethkaundachess@gmail.com

Stephanie Janse van Rensburg

Stephanie Janse van Rensburg

Position Vice President - Klerksdorp

Tel 0829257905

Email vpklerksdorp@dkkchess.co.za

Jaco Fouché

Jaco Fouché

Position Vice President - Potchefstroom

Tel 0829244948

Email vppotch@dkkchess.co.za

Thego Molefe

Thego Molefe

Position: Secretary

Tel: 073 813 8534

Email: secretary@drkkchess.co.za

Christelle van Meersbergen

Christelle van Meersbergen

Position Treasurer

Tel 072 181 7926

Email finances@dkkchess.co.za

Chandre de Bruyn

Chandre de Bruyn

Position Additional member

Tel 0799250646


Extended committee members







Meritponts and team selection

Marius vd Westhuizen


Primary Schools Chess Representative

Barend Pretorius

High School Chess Representative

Janus Labuschange

Legal matter and elections

Otto Bruwer

Student Representitative

Righardt Hug

Women Chess Representative

Lené de Kock

Coach Representative

Johan Steenkamp

Development - Klerksdorp

Development - Potch


Membership of the Region is restricted to such Clubs functioning within the regional boundaries of the Region as may be accepted as members by the Regional Council. Persons who cannot or do not want to belong to a club may still participate in events of the Region, but would have no representation or voting rights.

The Clubs which are eligible for membership shall be school clubs, tertiary education clubs, ethnic clubs, community clubs and any other clubs where individuals meet at a regular venue, at regular times for purposes of playing, or promoting chess.